So funny that post hit the main page a few days ago. I should have thought to bring this up then when it was getting heavy traffic.

I'm storyboarding a passage from Neuromancer, the bit where he first describes "Cyberspace" and I'd like for it to be as true to form as possible. The only problem is I'm having trouble thinking what he imagined cyberspace would look like in an age without actual cyberspace. It was probably nothing like the modern cliches everyone is used to.

Obviously I intend to do my own research soon, but know this is a watering hole for this kind of stuff and hoped someone could point me in the right direction. I was picturing some surreal psychedelic Alex Grey kind of stuff, and that book cover up there seems to support the idea.

On an unrelated note, Scifi book art was stuff of legend in the 80s.

Thanks all